David's Photography | Kerrville Birds 2014
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Birds at Kerr Wildlife Management Area in May 2014
Painted Bunting -Male/FemalePainted Bunting -Male/FemalePainted Bunting -FemalePainted Bunting - MalePainted Bunting getting waterPainted Bunting - MalePainted Bunting - MaleTwo Female Painted BuntingsMale Painted Bunting with one FlyingTwo Male Painted BuntingsMale Painted Bunting singingPainted Bunting and CardinalVermilion Flycatcher - maleVermilion Flycatcher - femaleLark SparrowOrchard OriolePurple FinchScissor Tail FlycatcherLesser Goldfinch, Male and FemaleLesser Goldfinch on Thistle

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